Agency in Focus - Hands of Hope

“Kathy” is a young, single mother with two toddlers. She has part-time employment which she hopes will soon be fulltime. Kathy has applied for Section 8 housing, receives food stamps and obtains assistance with childcare from Children’s Home Society.  She’s resourceful and works hard to meet the needs of her family but often finds herself out of money and food.

Hands of Hope has come to her aid providing Kathy and her small family with prepaid minutes on her phone (necessary for work) and a booster seat for one of the children. They also provide her with gas for her car and have found someone to repair Kathy’s car at no cost.

Additionally, Hands of Hope assisted Kathy with PG&E, and counseled her on legal issues. All of this has allowed Kathy to keep her young family together. Kathy has become a part of the Hands of Hope Mentoring Program and is committed to enhancing her parenting skills.

Hands of Hope founders, Mike Mannshardt and wife Sue, read an article in the local paper about a homeless person who died on the street from exposure. Mike and Sue believe that that should never happen and so, they started their mission to form what is now Hands of Hope.  Hands of Hope opened their doors to the community three years ago.

Hands of Hope is a resource center for homeless families, single women, and couples. They do not serve single men. Their intent is to make sure families with children have a place to come to, at least, be clean when kids go to school and parents are looking for work. They provide free showers and laundry to those who qualify as guests. “Hands of Hope is more than just a place for people to come and wash their clothes and bodies,” Monique Figlietti, Service Center Manager, said, “Our Guest Advocate program is the heart of our organization. This program does little things like getting a new tube for a bike to accompanying someone to court.”

Hands of Hope is located at 909 Spiva Avenue in Yuba City and can be reached at (530) 755-3491, or visit their website at: