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Yuba-Sutter-Colusa United Way Announces Enhanced Features for Free Online Tax Filing Tool

Yuba-Sutter-Colusa United Way announces recently-enhanced features to MyFreeTaxes that allow most filers to complete their taxes in under one hour at no cost.

United Way and H&R Block partner to offer MyFreeTaxes- free online tax preparation- to individuals and families who earned $66,000 or less in 2018. 

United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person, in every community. We give people the financial education and tools to build a solid foundation that improve their lives and the lives of their children. Tax refunds are often the largest paycheck a family receives and can be used to pay bills, save for the future, buy groceries, etc. 70% of US filers are eligible for free tax preparation but don’t take advantage, potentially paying to access tax credits or deductions such as the EITC.

Since 2009, almost 1 Million taxpayers filed using MyFreeTaxes, bringing $1.4 Billion back to communities in tax refunds, and saving individuals and families $191 Million in tax filing fees. is a safe, easy and completely free way for individuals or families earning less than $66,000 to file their federal and state taxes.

“Tax season is a source of confusion and stress for most Americans,” said Bob Harlan, Executive Director of Yuba-Sutter-Colusa United Way.  “Many are worried they’ll make a mistake, won’t get their full refund or will pay too much.  With MyFreeTaxes, filers can get support from IRS-certified specialists and cut down the time it takes to complete their returns.”

When it comes to advanced technology and personalized customer experience, H&R Block is among the industry leaders. MyFreeTaxes users get access to H&R Block premium product with enhanced features to ensure filers get every dollar they deserve:

  • Ability to upload image of your W-2, allowing MyFreeTaxes to automatically fill in your information;
  • Refund RevealTM shows filers how and why their refund amount is changing in real time; and
  • Advanced functionality for those working in the gig economy or who need to include information regarding real estate investments, stock options or inheritance taxes.

Taxpayers earning less than $66,000 can enter their data through, which links to a secure H&R Block website, making it easy to complete their taxes from home, at work or on mobile devices.